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to see this video with further commentary on the outrage of the response of GSK towards patient and blogger, bob fiddaman and his fair and truthful video:


the question is raised: will GSK force other bloggers to remove fiddaman’s video from their site? i have to ask…with big pharma start censoring all of our sites and if they are simply not happy with what were saying…will they start having their lawyers contact and hush us? HELL NO! as the old line goes…


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    it was good to see the tremendous show of support for bob fiddaman…let’s see where this goes. this action GSK took towards a blogger and patient should be a great call to action for all of us. seeing the support the blogging community gave is inspirational and hopefully will be the beginning of a new show of force from the mental health community and others concerned with the activities of our pharmaceutical companies that aim to serve us.  i know i’m excited and curious to see where this will lead. i hope this doesn’t die and simply go away. i hope there will be news coverage or maybe 20/20 could pick up the story and the history leading up to this event.

     i may not get my post up today, i’m taking a short break from moving over 1,000 lbs of my books to another building…a new studio on the farm. i can’t believe that i’m healthy enough today to do some of the carrying and now….painting.

     i’m still holding at .63 mg of my klonopin but will be going down to .5 tonight or sunday…i have to think about that. but honestly…i never thought i’d feel like this again! i do feel great. the horrible pain and fatigue from the initial withdrawal from my lamictal, neurontin and wellbutrin has subsided. i may not be in the best of shape after such a long time of being sedentary…but compared to what i have felt like for the last 7-10 years…this is a miracle. i know i may have some tough days still, but today i’m just celebrating by being able to do some work around here. i will pray for my fellow bloggers who are struggling with detox…if this is what alcohol and med/drug free feels like…this i do wish for you! hang in there because even one day like this is so worth it. i am taking my lyrica….maybe that is helping…i’m not going to try to jump off of that until the klonopin is gone.

    so my prayers are with bob and all of you…

    prevail over big pharma!

    peace out

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