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today i want to bring up one of my pet concepts. being revolutionary…in how we live. the definition of revolutionary that i’m referring to (so we’re on the same page/screen here) is defined, in Merriam-Websters as: “c: constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change”.

yes, all the tools for better living that i may refer to, no matter how long they’ve been around, are and can be revolutionary.

it’s in the doing.

are you living a revolutionary life? no, you don’t have to protest, carrying pickets and saving the forests or other such activities. i’m referring to being revolutionary in the way you live….what you do. doesn’t that word just conjur up strength, hope and empowerment! we want to revolt against the things in our life that can be holding us back. we want to say “no more! get out of my way, i want to live my life!”… and just saying that, by the way, can do a world of good for your soul.

 when dealing (and i am dealing…believe me) with detoxing off meds, alcohol or other substances…living with bipolar, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic pain or withdrawal symptoms…finding our way to recovery can seem difficult if not hopeless and nearly impossible some days. the constant stress and tension caused by gnawing withdrawal or side effect symptoms…pain, tremors, brain fog, brain zaps, confusion, nausea, etc can make it hard for us to even think of, let alone do the things we need to do on a daily basis, to keep ourselves pointed in the right direction.

i know many of you have an extensive backgrounds in health and therapy issues either via life experience, profession or studies, and i don’t have anything really new or cutting edge to add. but the old standbys that may have been part of our daily routine in the past which now seem hard to draw upon or even think about doing, can be revolutionary!

what many of us are going through may be in an effort to get back to our old selves…not gonna happen…we’re working toward new selves. that’s revolutionary! the hardships we’ve endured, probably for decades now, have changed us and we can draw upon what we’ve learned to be better, stronger new versions of ourselves. that stuff is a part of us, for better or worse. deciding how we’re going to direct our life’s experience…well it can be your greatest liability or your greatest asset. choosing the later is revolting against the “dark evil forces” that would hold you captive in a life you’re trying to better. yes, you will never be your old self…can’t be…but you can be you…just fortified with wisdom and experience and wonderful tools for living. you will be able to use your “experience strength and hope” to help others revolt!

maybe you are new to this realm of seeking wellness and wholeness. but i promise, even the simplest things, the oldies can still be revolutionary in applying them. revolt against what’s holding you back and be revolutionary in applying the oldies but goodies…laughing, walking, lists, journaling, prayer and meditation, self-affirmation, yoga.

i think i’m fortunate in that i have my AA meetings that i attend and sponsees to work with. working with others, i hear what i’m saying and it reminds me…”oh, laughter….prayer and meditation…making a list and doing small, routine things that validate me, etc.” yes, i’m fortunate to have those constant reminders come at me often. but some days even i’m too low to hear what i’m saying or take my own advice. but hey, this is life and death stuff we’re working with, and even really small, simple things can matter when it comes to hanging in there one more day…today. it’s nice to know that today or even just this moment is all i really need to deal with.

this is an important tool to use:

did you know you can start your day over at any moment…basically hit reset in your brain and go? really, it’s not exotic or cutting edge or new, but i will say, it is revolutionary in the doing. probably in the past if a day started veering off in a bad direction we followed it to it’s end…which no doubt was not so good….insomnia, fighting with spouses, yelling at the children, drinking or taking extra meds to relax, another day lost to emotions. did we know that the moment we saw our day going awry…that at that moment there was really a fork in the road and we have always had the choice of which way we were going to go? being aware and periodically taking moments to scan your mind for where you’re at, at this moment, is an important and invaluable tool. we can’t be carried off by our emotions and symptoms, and oh…it’s easy, comfortable and familiar, but they only want to lead us to a not so good place. no, stop for a moment and revolt! breath and assess what’s going on. “do i need to step back and make an apology? do i need to get up and do something…call someone? turn off the tv and listen to some relaxing music…do i need to eat something healthy. should i get out of this house and walk or do some stretching and yoga”…what ever…just set outside on the front porch with your dogs and take in the day…but take some action even if it is very small. a day gone awry is not a good wave to ride! there is a dangerous cliff at the end of this path!

yes, revolt and begin to take back your life!

so, from time to time, stop…evaluate…revolt! even on a day that may require you to be home bound, you can be creative and find what it is you need to do to love yourself and stay on that positive path leading to the new you. 

now for the entainment portion of this blog:

 the string to embed this video wouldn’t work so i thought i’d just post this link. if you are a dog or animal lover…this will make you laugh! if you just need to stop and laugh…try this one out! http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1093806 since i wrote about laughing and how much it helps our mental and physical health i wanted to share this. having dogs myself i see them make up some pretty funny games to play with themselves…albeit not as creative as this dog!be a revolutionary in your own life today….peace out and hang in there!

here’s a link about restarting your day:  http://www.beliefnet.com/gallery/sevenwaystorestartyourday.html?pgIndex=0

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by now you may know my story….i’m down to apx. .62 of klonopin, (i am on 300mg of lyrica) and am managing my bipolar, alcoholism, fibromyalgia, pain and withdrawal symptoms best as i can. it’s difficult, and work, but i have my secret weapon!

ok this may not seem medically sound (but it is, very). i’m not promoting or selling anything here. you don’t need any special prescription or expensive supplements. there is no diet to follow and you needn’t exert yourself in moving from your sofa or bed! it’s free! i’ve mentioned it before but…..it’s….laughing!

now,  if you’ve been in a lot of physical discomfort and flattened or tied in knots for weeks you must just want to say “yeah, right”…and i totally get that.  but, when we are in pain, our minds clouded and confused and tired beyond description not to mention hosting a grab bag of symptoms, our mind just can’t possibly go towards smiling let alone laughing. or can it?  there is nothing funny about detox…or can there be? i’ve written about my symptoms and believe me…i’ve definitely been way laid by a slew of withdrawal side effects, depression, bipolar, and fibromyalgia too. i’ve curled up on my sofa, not answering the phone and not even able to focus on what was on tv. i’ve been as angry as a cat with a clothespin on its tail.  no…i was in no mood to laugh.

 well, in-spite of that statement, most days i did manage to pull out at least a smile or happy word or slight laugh thanks to AA,  my friends, and my dogs. many days i look at my dogs and think….they didn’t ask for me to be sitting here so distraught that all i do is let them out, feed them and then stress them out by crying or being in pain. yes it does upset my dogs (and my friends) when i’m in pain. if not for me, for their sake, i have to muster some moments of happiness, some how, because they need me to! and, i need it too.

the times when i can laugh, even if i’m being sarcastic about how i’m feeling or my situation…heck my friends need to hear me lighten up because they’re used to someone who, most of the time, behaves as if she hasn’t a care in the world (far from it)…i need that too. it’s not a facade…that’s how i am…a bit of a pollyanna. i know, go and gag. but the weight of the world, even with out detox, could be unbearable if i didn’t have this little….something, i don’t know what…just this little thing that drives me to laugh, i would have given in to despair years ago. laughter has brought me through so many situations….i’d be lost with out having it in my life. and i just plain love the high! and it’s a high that won’t make me have to pick up another 24 hour chip!

 these days the world is so heavy with gas prices, inflation, elections, horrible shootings, war…god i’m going to stop because i could fill a page or ten and i know you all could add another ten to mine. these are some challenging days that, unfortunately, are here to stay for a good (or not so good) while!

so, we have some decisions to make, and this is a decision

i always refer to victor frankl and his writings about his time in concentration camp. when i think about him, i have to kick myself in the butt and say “even this, that i’m going through, is not worth giving in to total despair”. now the world, detox and victor frankl are nothing to laugh about.

but can they inspire one to try to raise up and try to laugh? hell yes!

laughter is free and laughter is contagious. it does no harm but in fact does a world of good and has many health benefits. it increases our heart rate and exercises our lungs. it engages certain muscles and best of all, releases those happy hormones that can give the best and healthiest high! not to mention, fight pain!

so why do we shy away from something that has no bad side effects and promotes good physical and mental health and makes us feel so darn good? i don’t know…i believe we all want to feel good. isn’t that why we are detoxing off meds, getting sober, and perhaps taking some meds? isn’t that why some of us drank…to feel better? no, being free of meds and sober wouldn’t be of much value if it just left us feeling horrible. that defeats the point of it all, right?

yes, i love laughing and i try to make others laugh when i’m working with them to deal with their life’s issues. laughter may not make a problem go away, but it takes some of the power of that problem away…it can kind of give us a sense of being in control…

 you don’t believe me….read this excerpt and then check out some of the links:

from the MAYO CLINIC:

“The benefits of a belly laugh

Laughter’s benefits on your health are no joke. A sense of humor can’t cure all ailments, but data are mounting about the things that laughter can do.

Short-term benefits
A good laugh has great short-term effects. When you start to laugh, it doesn’t just lighten your load mentally, it actually induces physical changes in your body, beginning with your face. Laughter can:

  • Stimulate your organs. Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain.
  • Activate your stress response. A rollicking laugh fires up and then cools down your stress response and increases your heart rate and blood pressure. The result? A good, relaxed feeling.
  • Soothe tension and tummy aches. Laughter can also ease digestion and stimulate circulation, which helps reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

Long-term effects
Laughter isn’t only good for a quick pick-me-up, though. It’s also good for you over the long haul. Laughter may:

  • Improve your immune system.Negative thoughts manifest into chemical reactions that can impact your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immunity. In contrast, positive thoughts actually release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more serious illnesses. In fact, in one study, people with cancer who watched a humorous video showed less stress and an increase in a particular cell activity that’s beneficial in fighting diseases such as HIV and cancer.
  • Relieve pain. Research increasingly shows that laughter may ease pain by causing the body to produce its own natural painkillers.
  • Increase personal satisfaction. Laughter can also make difficult situations a little bit easier. One study of nurses who work in emergency rooms found that nurses who use humor in dealing with their patients and co-workers experience greater job satisfaction and feelings of personal accomplishment than do those who remain dour during their shifts.”

again, that is from the mayo clinic, and check out their site for more information “how to learn to laugh”. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stress-relief/SR00034

now try some of these or google phrases like “laughter is the best medicine”, the benefits of laughter” etc. you won’t believe what you’ll find. maybe you find that long lost smile and dash that sense of hopelessness. what do you have to loose? feeling miserable? ditch it and find something silly!:

from the MDA site: http://www.mda.org/publications/Quest/q34laughter.html

a silly list of funny dittys: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/7822/laff.html

laughter is the best medicine: http://www.newfrontier.com/1/beyoo795.htm

these were some good points on laughter: http://www.laughtercoach.com/home_whylaugh.html

here’s my search page on laughter: http://www.ask.com/web?q=Researching+Laughter+the+Best+Medicine&qsrc=6&o=0&l=dir

make a decision, a commitment today, to do this one good thing for yourself and those who love you…even if you think the only one who loves you right now is your cat…your cat needs you to laugh.

peace out!

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i had been doing so well comming off my meds. i know i’m at the horrible .75mg stage with my klonopin and cutting down now…well i might have to slow my rate of titration. now i don’t feel any worse. the pain in my neck is at about a 7…that’s par for the course. but i’m bummed because it was a sunny but chilly day out, and i was going to meet with my friend in town, and walk or something…probably go and work out in the community center since it was cold out. i was feeling a bit sleepy so i laid down at about 11am. it’s was 4:00 before i woke up! i just slept away 5 hours of a sunny day! i’m still just a wash, but i have to get to my AA mtg and find my sponsee. she was supposed to do her 4th step today! but you know people and that pesky old 4th step! well…i will just have to stretch out and wash my face and do a 2 boot scoot into town and salvage what chilly but gorgeous sun we have left! aaaaaaaargh

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  this is a follow up to a post i made march 27, about “sorry works” seminar. read carefully:

    to give douglas some fair air i will show you some parts of his bio and provide links to his site. douglas is the founder and spokesperson for “sorry works”. in addition to promoting his seminars, he is also selling a book about his philosopy. his backround is in PR .

from the “sorry works” site:

     “Doug Wojcieszak is a public relations consultant who has had several personal and professional experiences with tort reform and medical malpractice issues. He lost his oldest brother to medical errors in 1998 and his family successfully sued the hospital and doctors with the case settling in 2000. The hospital attorneys apologized to Wojcieszak’s family, but only after the case was settled and money exchanged hands, and they never admitted fault for the incident.

     Around the same time his brother’s case was concluding, Wojcieszak left his employment with the Illinois House Republicans and accepted the position of executive director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW),…” more: http://www.sorryworks.net/dougbio.phtml

     “this is pulled from the “sorry works credo” :

“At Sorry Works! we believe the medical malpractice crisis is actually a customer service that has been miscast as a legal problem to be solved by politicians.”

     Another way of saying it: The medical malpractice crisis is a customer service crisis that medical, insurance, and legal professionals can fix anytime they wish.” read more: http://www.sorryworks.net/credo.phtml

     in his news letters reviews are from:

rhonda l. mcglothlin, Director, Risk Management & Insurance Operations, Centra Health, In

pat sedlak, director, aon risk services                                                             

        here a portion from his february 26 news letter:

– Sorry Works! – Like saying “sorry” to your spouse, only easier?
– Over 2,600 copies of Sorry Works! Book Sold in first six weeks
– Pharmacy gets customer service right/Good lessons

You ever had one of those knock-down, drag out fights with your spouse or significant other? You know….the kinda of squabble that stretches into the wee hours of the morning, leaves you both with a splitting headache, and struggling to remember what generated the fight in the first place? Most of us have been there. And most of us know what calms the water: “I’m sorry, I screwed up, I made this mistake, here’s how I’m going to fix it, let’s go out for dinner tomorrow night, and I love you.” Empathy, admission of fault, explanation of how the problem will be fixed or prevented from happening again, and compensation to amend for lost time and hurt feelings. Works everytime.

Sorry Works! advocates the same approach for physicians, nurses, hospitals, and insurers struggling to deal with medical errors. Now, a cynic might counter that the stakes are much higher in medicine, which can be true. However, all the more reason to do disclosure and do it right, because no apology or a botched apology will surely lead to litigation and a trip to the local courthouse.

Again, the cynic might counter that medical treatment is more complicated, more people involved, two or three insurance companies, lots of attorneys, etc. Yes and no. Yes, there are more people involved, some of whom have large egos and important reputations to protect, but the emotions can be more simplified. And emotions are where the action is at in apology and disclosure.

After a medical error, a trained disclosure team in a medical practice, hospital, or insurer can be objective about the situation and sort through the problem. Think about it: In the time leading up to the medical error your organization has had a professional and probably a positive experience with a patient or family. No family emotions, no family politics, no revisiting and unfairly bringing up the last 10 fights you had as a couple. No, your disclosure team has the opportunity to focus on this one event and fix the problem – and then move on. A trained disclosure team can step back and honestly evaluate the situation without emotional baggage.

The point of this column is we all know that “sorry” can patch up holes in our marriages and other relationships – but sometimes it can be very difficult to get to the word because we are so close, so personally connected to our spouse or significant other. We have a history – not always pretty – that gets in the way. Also, most love birds, especially the young ones, aren’t trained or experienced in saying “I’m sorry.” With good disclosure training, healthcare and insurance organizations can achieve objective, fair resolutions in a short time frame. Take home message: Disclosure is easier than you think!

The Sorry Works! Book has been on the market for approximately six weeks and already 2,600 copies have been sold – and several more large orders are in the pipeline. Many hospitals are considering a bulk order for Doctor’s Day Gifts. For ordering information, visit this link: http://www.sorryworks.net/booksoon.phtml

           sign up to get the newsletter or i can post it in its entirety should anyone ask.

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     well my detox was really rough the first several weeks, as many people who know me can attest. i was very agitated and angry. my stomach had horrible problems. i had headaches, fatigue, horrible food cravings, weight gain,  i ached all over, nothing tasted or smelled right, everything around me irritated me: light, sound, temperature, smells…my clothing felt like i was wearing a wool body suit! i just went from my bed to my sofa. the only major task i could manage was feeding the animals and carrying in wood for the stove. i really couldn’t talk with people because my mind was scrambled and nothing made any sense coming in or going out making me very agitated. i was loosing words and entire concepts. just everything was horrible. there were times i just wanted to admit defeat, but i couldn’t see living on these drugs for the rest of my life.

     something inside of me just told me i needed to get off the stuff! i had been entertaining the thought for years, but resisted because i thought “this is the right thing to do and i should be lucky i can be treated with meds and that i’ve been able to get them all these years”. yeah i knew there were side effects and i just felt that i had to adapt. loosing the ability to have a full range of emotions, everything looking flat and grey, not being able to really enjoy food, friends or sex seemed a small price to pay for “being functional”. NOT! i wasn’t really functional and the functions i did have were gradually fading on me.

      something just hit critical mass following my father’s death in september. it was a complicated, estranged and sad relationship. an hour before my uncle called to tell me he’d passed i told my best friend that i felt this tremendous release inside and that i thought my father had just died. sure enough he had died at exactly the time i made that comment to my friend. now i’m not all “woo woo” into those kinds of things…talking with the dead and all…not that i don’t believe or have anything against “paranormal goings on”…i accept that these things happen but this was just plain eerie, but because of the tremendous impact our relationship had on my life…plausable. anyways, spurred on by this wave of release i set out to find out what it was in this world that “I” wanted for myself. i felt i had the permission to be myself and that included not being medicated for being just an extremely eccentric, creative, active person.

     i mean when did eccentric and highly creative and productive have to be labeled a mental illness? i wondered if i was really bipolar (the borderline personality i got) or was i just always a very high energy person who occasionally got worn down. i mean if anyone worked the way i did when i was on a roll they’d have crashed for a few days….a few days down was all i ever used to have. i never got suicidal although i have always entertained thought of death….and that’s just another story…nothing kinky or freaky, just maybe very sylvia plath-like. people say that’s not normal or healthy but…that was just me!

     i missed “me”. i have plenty of faults and i’m quite sure that my drinking, back in the day, didn’t bring out the best. but i was highly functional., way much more so than i became after about two years on meds. the first couple of years into sobriety and on meds were actually….well good. (note: i started the meds about year, ’96, before i got sober, ”97) but i went down hill gradually until i hit the skids about two and a half years ago. then, i sat down to just drink myself to death because there was no “me” left in my person. but…after about a year that got old and i decided to get back into AA and try to peal myself off the floor.

      it’s been 18 months and well after 9mo to a year i would have expected to feel better from the damage i did with my drinking last time around but, that time frame came and went and i was just getting worse. the brain fog and coordination problems were horrible. (i was just put on lamictal around the time i got sober this time.) i thought i must have something wrong with my brain. the drinking really did me in this last time. an MRI showed nothing. “so what then, is causing me to be so….muzzy and flat!”

    well, came the day that i just sat bolt upright and declared “i think i have to get these drugs out of my system”. now for ten years, i dug my heels in and “knew” that i had to take these drugs to stay sober and have a chance at a life. but i’d been failing miserably over and over just digging myself into a deeper hole of despair. i wasn’t one to fail at anything…ever! and that’s all i was doing for the last several years. failing and flailing madly about getting no where. it’s like being stuck in the old quicksand analogy: the more you struggle the deeper you sink.

     no, getting off these drugs has to be a part of the answer. now at about the six week mark of detoxing (which is fast for what i’ve been reading), i have a lot of pain and i’m a little shaky…i’m having some anxiety and very quick lows and highs in my moods/affect…but for the most part my spirits are lifted, i’m finding old words and phrases i though i’d lost forever….colors are bright and things smell and taste right and good…i even have a broader range of emotion. i get excited from time to time and feel playful again! i forgot about that part of my personality! well i have the last .75 mg of klonopin to get off of and i’m reading that people have a difficult time when they hit this point. but i can tell the other meds i was on (lamictal, neurontin, wellbutrin) are out of my system. no doubt there is some “rebound” effect going too. i was also put on lyrica a couple weeks ago along with physical therapy. i hope to get off the lyrica in short time too because from all i read, it’s bad news too.

    now this afternoon i suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion and had to just stop and lay down. my mood has had some dips but i just keep telling myself that it’s my mood and not a reflection of anything that is going on around me. when i do the positive self-talk and try to separate what’s really going on and what’s not i can turn it around fairly quickly. deep breathing and visualization help too. i am a fairly firm believer in mind over matter. if i’m doing most of what i should be doing lifestyle-wise then i should have the resilience to pull myself back when my emotions try to over run me. i do get tired and eat the wrong thing or blow off exercise and when i do i’m asking for trouble. but hey, i might be truly bipolar and thus given to mood swings so there would be…peaks and valleys. i’ll mess up from time to time. as long as i don’t drink, no matter what,  and live with in reason, no peak or valley should be too devastating. (pray)

     i continue to work with a therapist and i will get connected with a new psychiatrist because certain times with horrible mood swings…ie. depression, can and might well still overcome me and i might need help. i can admit when i’m a little too far to the left or right and i will ask for help. i only had one psychotic event in about ’97or ’98 and was completely out there! but, that was under extraordinary circumstances which i think anyone would have cracked.(that is just another “novel” in and of itself).

     one thing i will say is that if you want to be a whistle blower at a higher level…be sure as hell that you have a strong and committed support network around you or you’ll be in for the gravest fight for your life! once you’re in it, your in and there’s no turning back. by the time the complaint was filed with the inspector general my reporter and fellow activist bowed out from fatigue and total disillusionment. my reporter quit his job and went back to school because he could no longer work for a paper that edited the truth. there are still and article or two floating cyberspace about my case and i did win, but ultimately i had to leave my job because….well it just wasn’t worth my sanity to hold on any longer. (i was at a state university)

       i’m here now. still on my farm in the country. i will probably never stop trying to fight the noble fights but i have to play a more minor role these days, because i’m burnt. but my passion is intact and so is my faith. once a fighter always a fighter.

      so it is that little “fighter” inside me that propels me and gives me my own personal velocity. i stay in the day and in the moment but i keep the future insight. hope and a sense of purpose and direction are extremely important! i may not be able to control what will come my way but as far as thoughts and emotions…it’s me that determines upon what and how i will act. every situation offers a chance to learn and a chance to practice my faith. every obsticle i make it around leaves me in a better place to be of use to others.

     oh, and faith…well i feel my connection with my “higher power”…a connection i couldn’t make while i was on my meds. i could hold on to god with my mind but my heart just couldn’t do it. now i feel it, and that is hands down the greatest gift of getting off the meds. that alone will help me press on when symptoms and set backs kick up. i keep reading that “we all recover” and i believe that. yes, community and a sense of a higher power have helped me greatly. feeling alone is so detrimental

      well now that i’ve written a small novel i think i should stop….rambling.

     laugh often and think good thoughts, reach out to peers and find “community and if it works for you, hold on to your “higher power”…mine is god.

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i don’t think i need to comment about this one! is it any surprise that understaffed FDA  approvals that are rushed to meet the deadline are more likely to be unsafe when they reach the public?

from fiercepharma newsletter:

When FDA reviewers cram, do they perform poorly on the test? A new study concludes that yes, when drugs are approved right on deadline, they’re more likely to cause safety problems later. The Harvard analysis, published in this week’s New England Journal of Medicine, concludes that drugs approved in the two months leading up to the deadline are four to five times more likely to be withdrawn or require serious safety warnings. Think Pfizer’s rezulin, withdrawn on liver problems. Bayer’s Baycol, taken off the market because of muscle damage. Or Vioxx, spiked for its increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

Drugs approved faster didn’t have the same safety profile, and nor were meds whose approval missed the deadline.

Some background: When Congress OK’d user fees to allow FDA to hire more reviewers, it imposed a 12-month deadline on approvals; later that timeframe was shortened to 10 months. The idea was that drug companies might be forced to pay for review, but they should at least get quick service as a result. Critics have since suggested that the deadlines might cause the FDA to make hasty decisions.

The new study appears to bolster those concerns. But the FDA shot back quickly when its concussions were released, releasing its own stats that showed an increase in withdrawals among drugs OK’d on deadline, but not enough to be statistically significant. “FDA won’t approve a drug if we are not ready,” CDER chief Dr. Janet Woodcock (photo) told the Washington Post. But according to the Wall Street Journal, Woodcock also has said that the deadlines caused “a sweatshop atmosphere” at the agency, leading to staff turnover. (A spokesman said she wouldn’t say the same thing today.) But more debate is sure to come.

– read the Washington Post article
– get more from the WSJ
– check out the item in the Boston Globe

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from the fiercehealth newsletter:

after receiving doug’s comment i went to his site and read about his coalition. here’s the link to their site:


‘Sorry Works! and the disclosure movement – how to avoid medical malpractice lawsuits with apology’

Duration: 60-75 Minutes, including Q & A session
OnDemand Access AnytimeInstructor: Doug Wojcieszak

Areas Covered in the Seminar

  • Explain how anger – not greed – fuels most medical malpractice lawsuits
  • Show how patients and families don’t expect perfection from healthcare providers, but they do they expect and demand honesty and candor, especially after errors
  • Demonstrate how Sorry Works! reduces patient/family anger after adverse medical events with a customer service focus
  • Describe how Sorry Works! is a program, not a policy
  • Explain how Sorry Works! saves money for institutions, and handle typical rebuttals
  • Discuss how to apologize to a patient/family after an error

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